Can You Ignore A Missing Tooth?

If you have had a tooth come out, you may wonder if it is really worth your time to replace it. In truth, replacing your missing teeth is more important than you may think. Even if you are not concerned with the aesthetics of your teeth, you should be worried about health concerns. The Dangers of Missing Teeth Missing teeth that go unfilled can actually lead to problems that continue to impact your teeth later on. [Read More]

Getting Your Child Ready For Back To School: Steps To Take

When it is time to go back to school, you and your child will have a lot to do and work on in order to get ready. It can sometimes be overwhelming to try to get them ready for the back to school time. You may even find yourself with your child already in school but still feel unprepared. Whether school has started or not, get to know some of these steps you should take when you are getting your child ready for back to school. [Read More]

Micro-Implantation During The Dental Restoration Process

If you are looking to acquire a full-mouth restoration with the help of dental implants, then you likely do not want to wait until the initial healing period is over before you can bite down and chew your food. In this case, you can speak with your dentist about the use of micro-implants. Keep reading to learn about them and how they work. What Are Micro-Implants? Micro-implants are quite a bit different from the general or typical implant devices. [Read More]

Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

Tooth decay in children is a common problem, with over a quarter of preschool-aged children in the United States having a cavity, according to Colgate. It's important to help your child develop good oral hygiene habits early to prevent tooth decay. Even tooth decay in baby teeth is problematic since it can lead to early tooth loss, which may cause the teeth to shift and can even cause orthodontic issues or jaw problems, such as TMJ, down the road. [Read More]