Achieving Good Dental Health Can Be Easier than You Think

Can You Ignore A Missing Tooth?

If you have had a tooth come out, you may wonder if it is really worth your time to replace it. In truth, replacing your missing teeth is more important than you may think. Even if you are not concerned with the aesthetics of your teeth, you should be worried about health concerns.

The Dangers of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth that go unfilled can actually lead to problems that continue to impact your teeth later on. For example, your remaining teeth may shift in different directions, and some may become crooked. This can lead to a bad bite or issues with speech.

In some cases, your other teeth may begin to decay quickly. This could be linked to the recession and changing of the gums surrounding the missing tooth. A missing tooth results in more than just a gap in your smile--it changes the entire landscape of your mouth. For example, bone loss is another issue associated with a missing tooth.

The Benefits of Replacing Teeth

In addition to avoiding these dangers, you can also actually see some benefits associated with replacing those teeth. In addition to having a potentially healthier tooth in place, you can benefit in many other ways.

Replacing your teeth helps you improve the function of your bite, and it also helps stabilize the surrounding teeth. Your other teeth benefit from having the tooth replaced because your gums will not begin receding in the area, and your bones will not begin to degenerate. Instead, you are left with a broad, healthy smile.

The Next Step

Your next step is to call your dentist or emergency dentist and see when the best time to come in to address your missing teeth will be. Several options are available to restore your missing tooth.

One option is dental implants, which consist of a titanium post and dental crown that looks exactly like your tooth. The good thing about a dental implant is that you can use an implant to replace one or several teeth. Dental bridges are also great for replacing missing teeth. Bridges rely on surrounding teeth to help support them.

If you have several missing teeth, a denture or partial denture is a great choice.

You should treat a missing adult tooth as an emergency dental situation and call your dentist right away. Otherwise, you run several risks. Call your emergency dental services professional today to learn more about your options.