Achieving Good Dental Health Can Be Easier than You Think

Dental Cleaning: Brushing Mistakes To Watch Out For

Scheduling regular dental visits can go a long way in improving your dental health. However, maintaining good oral hygiene begins at home. Brushing and flossing your teeth is a surefire way to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. However, most people don't know the right approaches to take when brushing their teeth and end up committing mistakes that impact their overall oral health. Here are some of the key mistakes that you should avoid when brushing your teeth. 

Storing Your Toothbrush When Still Wet

If your toothbrush resides inside an enclosed area, ensure that it remains dry. The downside of keeping your brush wet in a confined space is that it attracts harmful bacteria. So ensure that it air dries before storing it away. Also, ensure that it remains upright and that it doesn't touch other toothbrush heads. Before using it again, thoroughly rinse the bristles using warm water to remove any impurities. You should also wipe down the toothpaste handle to avoid transferring bacteria.

Rushing The process

Cutting short your tooth-brushing session to a few seconds a day is a habit you might want to change. What happens is that with quick brushing, you are likely to neglect some parts of your teeth. You ought to brush your teeth for at least two minutes because this is enough time for the fluoride that is a component of your toothpaste to attach to the enamel. Missing out on clean teeth by failing to do it for the recommended time can result in different oral issues such as tooth decay and cavities.

Using the Wrong Technique

In addition to taking at least two minutes, you should follow a proper manner of brushing and routine to maintain good oral health. Ensure that you clean your teeth in circles because this is a more gentle and effective way of removing food debris and plaque. Leaving food lodged in your teeth supports microorganisms that produce an acid that demineralizes your enamel and leads to cavities.

Skipping the Tongue 

Did you know that you are supposed to brush your tongue gently? Failing to do so can create the ideal conditions to harbor bacteria, creating a biofilm. Your tongue has crevices and elevations that will have persistent bad breath even after brushing. Such bacteria can even lead to gum disease and tooth decay. The most effective way to remove buildup on your tongue is by using a scraper or a toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth regularly is crucial in ensuring that you maintain good oral health. However, you should adhere to good brushing practices mentioned above to avoid different oral health issues.

For more information on dental cleanings, reach out to a dentist.