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Need A Tooth Removed? Why You Should Consider This An Emergency

When you need tooth extraction done, it's better to consider this a dental emergency than to keep putting the process off. Even if the tooth isn't causing you any pain or discomfort, tooth extraction surgery is best to keep your smile healthy.

Your dentist will fill you in as to why your tooth needs to be taken out in the first place, and you can use the following guide to help you understand more about your tooth situation and why tooth extraction is so important.

Your tooth can infect other teeth

Did you know that the same bacteria that exists in your tooth can get into other teeth and cause them to become infected as well? If you need to have a tooth extraction done because you have a rotten tooth, take the situation seriously because any surrounding teeth can meet the same fate if you don't take care of the oral health need right away.

If your tooth has no feeling at all or has turned black, gray, or a greenish color, it can mean that the tooth has died. This ups the urgency for tooth extraction.

Your tooth can infect your gums and jaw

In addition to causing damage to other teeth in your mouth, if you have an infected tooth or a broken tooth that is prone to infection, the infection can spread to your gums. Disease can even spread into your jaw bone, which is a condition that can cause serious injury and requires intensive oral surgeries to repair. An abscessed tooth in particular can cause a lot of damage to whole areas of your mouth and will spread if you do not have the abscessed areas drained, receive antibiotics, and even get tooth extraction done.

Your tooth can cause you to lose confidence

An otherwise healthy smile with a rotting tooth can cause you to lose confidence in the way you look. A bad tooth can cause you to have bad breath and will often look different than the rest of your teeth, making the need for tooth extraction necessary for vanity purposes alone. If you have concerns about your tooth and wonder how you will replace it after having a tooth extraction surgery done, consult with your dentist to see what your options are.

A tooth extraction can be covered by dental insurance and should not take long to recover from. In many cases, tooth extraction surgery is the best approach for an oral health situation.

Contact your dentist to learn more about tooth extraction