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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a very thin layer of porcelain that is glued onto your existing teeth to give you the appearance of a straight and white smile. They allow you to keep your existing teeth and can cover up nearly any type of imperfection, including small teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, and even gaps in your teeth. Veneers are a faster way to get straight teeth, without the need for braces or other types of teeth straightening devices. If you aren't sure if dental veneers are for you, read on for a few reasons why you should choose veneers.

1. Non-Invasive Procedure

Veneers are a non-invasive way to get straight, white teeth. There's no need to remove any teeth or use metal brackets and wires for months or years on end to get straight teeth. The veneers are attached to your existing teeth using a glue adhesive. A mold is created of your existing teeth to create the smile you want to have, and the veneers are made from the mold. Your existing teeth are etched in order for the glue to adhere better, which means the veneers are permanent and you cannot go back to your existing teeth again after the veneers are applied.

2. Quicker Way To A Perfect Smile

Using veneers is a faster way to get the smile you want. Braces could take you years to get your teeth straight, and plastic mouth straighteners can take just as long to straighten your teeth, but veneers give the illusion of a straight smile within weeks. You can also get white teeth. If your stains are too set into your teeth, whitening procedures may not be able to remove the stains, or it could take a lot of whitening procedures to get them white, which can be costly.

3. Your Existing Teeth Are Still In Good Condition

If your existing teeth are all still in good condition and you just want a straight, white smile, you should choose veneers. Pulling your teeth and getting implants or dentures just doesn't make sense. Veneers allow you to keep your existing teeth, so you can still be able to eat, laugh, and do other things you've always done before without worry of your dentures falling out or the pain from implants leaving you unable to talk or eat.

If you are looking to whiten and straighten your smile, you should talk to your dentist to see if veneers are an option for you.