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Why A "Sale" On Dental Implants Is Rarely A Good Idea

So, you want to get dental implants. Older people who have lost teeth to decay or damage often do, and for good reasons. The implants will fill in the gaps in your smile, but they also make it easier to talk and to chew. Implants tend to be a little costly, since dental insurance will not cover them. However, you should carefully consider any "sale" on dental implants. Here is why.

Any Dentist That Discounts Implants Probably Does Not Know How to Insert Them Properly

As foreign dental procedures become popular for their discounted price, more and more patients are discovering that those bargain basement discounts on implants may mean that you probably should have seen a dentist in the U.S. It can mean that the foreign dentist really is not a dentist at all, or that the foreign dentist does not know how insert implants properly. You do not want either of those situations, no matter how much you want to get cheap implants. Ultimately, you will pay the price with your health, your teeth and gums, and your wallet will take a double hit. 

A "Sale" Could Mean Low Quality Products

Implants can have plastic resin crowns, porcelain crowns, or a mix. When it comes to dental plastic resins, there are varying qualities of resin used to make the implant crowns. A very low cost figure could mean that you are getting the lowest quality implants, something you want to avoid in order to have long-lasting implants. If, however, you do not mind replacing those low-quality, plastic resin crowns in a couple years, then the sale price that caught your eye may work out well for you. Sometimes, new dental customers may receive as much as twenty percent off, but if you are offered a deal that seems really too good to be true, it just might be too good to be true. Do your research on the dentist offering the deep, deep discount before you sign up. 

The "Sale" Could Be a Result of Dental Training

Do you know that cosmetologists-in-training charge discount prices for services just to get people to come in and let the cosmetologists-in-training work on the customers' hair? Now apply that same idea to dental schools and discount implants. Sure, you could end up with some nice dental implants/fake teeth for a bargain price, but you have to remember that you would be allowing inexperienced dental students work on your mouth.

If you are willing to take that risk and feel good about the results and outcome regardless of what the implants look like, charge ahead. Otherwise, it is smarter to visit a dentist with experience and certification for the dental implant procedure. A full-fledged professional dentist with implant experience will make sure your mouth is safe and has nice-looking implants.