Achieving Good Dental Health Can Be Easier than You Think

A Career Outside The Cage And In Front Of The Camera: Three Tips For MMA Fighters

Mixed martial arts fighters who plan on turning to on-air commentating gigs once they finish their career fighting need to make sure they look and sound good on camera. It's not enough to have a stellar record if you look like a mess or can't speak. That said, there are plenty of ways to correct any problems before retirement comes and you're ready to start sending out audition tapes. So, here are three things to do now so that you are prepared when the times comes.

Elocution and Public Speaking Classes

Sometimes the best sports stars don't make it far in the commentating game simply because they can't express themselves. So, it doesn't matter if you have a impressive record, with lots of knockouts or submissions, if you can't speak on camera, you won't get many gigs. So take the time and learn how to comfortably express yourself on camera by taking lessons. Take a look at ex-fighters such as Brendan Schaub and Miesha Tate, both of whom have done on-air analysis as well as landed commercials, speaking engagements, and podcasting gigs. They look and sound good, which is one reason they are in such high demand.

Public speaking is very difficult, not just for fighters or other athletes, so don't feel discouraged about it. The practice and the classes will help you tackle the problem and overcome any awkwardness on camera.

Drain Your Ears After Sparring and Fights

While some old school guys still think cauliflower ears look cool, MMA is getting very mainstream, and many people find it off putting. So, make sure you deal with any ear trauma by getting it drained as soon as possible to avoid the cauliflower look. Some of the icons of the sport can rock the damage (Randy Couture, for instance) but unless you reach super-stardom, it's better to not have to deal with the visual distraction.

Fix Broken or Missing Teeth with Dental Crowns

Even more distracting than cauliflower ears are missing teeth. Seriously, it's a huge turnoff in the current MMA media landscape. The missing tooth, once a sign of a hardened brawler, is not what the media is looking for nowadays. Fighters and the media want to embrace the "sport" and technique and downplay the brutality, and as such, a missing tooth is simply not going to fly with prospective media employers. It also signifies a bit of an unprofessional attitude (maybe the missing tooth is a result of not wearing a proper mouth guard during practice), which is anathema to the image the MMA media wants.

So, get your teeth fixed ASAP. Head to a dentist and discuss the different options you have. Your dentist will discuss the different procedures available to you, including dental implants or dental crowns, and if you will require a root canal, or if you can avoid it.