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Don't Want To Remember Your Root Canal? Common Concerns About Using Sedation Dentistry

A huge fear about going to the dentist can be the potential pain that may be experienced, which is especially true with a root canal. It's a common reason why people simply do not get important dental procedures done, even if ignoring the problem is causing them pain. Thankfully, dental sedation is a great way to overcome those fears and get the root canal that you need. Here are some questions about dental sedation for a root canal that you may have if you've never used it before.

Does Dental Sedation Render You Unconscious?

There are several levels of dental sedation that will make you as aware or unaware as you would like when it comes to what it happening. Your dentist can discuss these options with you to determine which method will be best.

The method that provides the least amount of consciousness is IV sedation, while laughing gas is an alternative that offers more consciousness. In some situations, all you may need is medication that helps relieve anxiety so that you are more relaxed about the dental appointment.

No matter what method you select, you can still remain responsive during the root canal without feeling nervous. There is not any discomfort, and you'll be unaware of the dentist office atmosphere, which can include the sound of drills. Most forms of dental sedation will usually cause you to forget the treatment you experienced while sedated. The procedure may even seem as if it lasted a couple minutes, which it actually was much longer.

Does Dental Sedation Have Any Danger?

There is a risk that comes with using dental sedation for a root canal, with some methods being more risky than others. Know that you will be closely monitored while sedated, with vital signs being checked such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate. You can discuss the risks of each form of dental sedation with your dentist prior to the day of your procedure.

Does Sedation Last A Long Time?

Dental sedation lasts as long as necessary for the root canal to take place. Some forms of dental sedation can have lasting effects, and it is recommended that you ask a family member or friend to drive you to and from the appointment because of this.

For more info about which sedation method is right for your root canal, be sure you ask your dentist well in advance.