Achieving Good Dental Health Can Be Easier than You Think

How To Pay Less For Dental Care

As most people know, dental work does not come cheap. Even those with insurance plans will have to spend a pretty penny in order to get certain procedures done. However, you should not let cost prevent you from caring for your teeth. You could end up paying three or four times what standard preventative care will cost. If you have no insurance, or are underinsured, there are some less expensive options for your dental care:

Ask To Pay Over Time

If you know you are going to need substantial work done to your teeth, find a dentist that will allow you to make payments. Most offices will ask that you make a down payment equal to a certain percentage of the cost, and then pay the rest in increments. This option is typically withheld for basic needs only, such as fillings, root canals, x-rays, and the like. Cosmetic procedures will not likely apply.

Go To A Dental College

If you want to save some money on your dental work, consider going to a dental college. You will have to be comfortable with a dental student working on your teeth, but it can save you a lot. If you feel nervous about this option, know that the students are very well supervised. They have also had quite a bit of practice before they are allowed to work on patients. You will both benefit; you will get your dental work at a reasonable cost and the student will get valuable hands-on experience.

Request Only Basic Care

Another way to save is to ask for the basic care only. If you are only going in for a cleaning, you can decline the x-rays. They are costly and not always necessary, especially if you have very little money to work with. You can also decline fluoride treatments.

Ask For Discounts

Another thing you can do is find a practice that offers discounts. If you are going to pay your bill in full, the office may give you a discount. You may also find a practice that offers monthly specials, so be sure to inquire about that also.

If you still cannot afford your dental care, you can speak to your dentist personally to talk about what you need. If you have major issues with your teeth to the point that you are at risk for losing some of them, he or she may be willing to work on your mouth for little to no money at all. You will never know unless you ask. Contact a clinic like Pacific Ave Dental/Allan L. Hablutzel, DDS to learn more.