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Tips For Getting Used To The Feel And Fit Of Your Dentures

If you have recently worked with your dentist to have custom fitted dentures made, then you may be concerned about how the false teeth fit. This is a concern for many people and dentures do take some getting used to. While it will take time for you to get used to the feel of them, there are several things you can do to make them feel more natural.

Chew On Both Sides Of The Mouth

Since dentures do not have the same sensations as the natural teeth, it can be hard to get used to the way they feel as you chew. Also, the movement of your tongue may feel awkward. This is especially true since dentures are made without any malocclusions or tooth defects. If you were used to the way your crooked, chipped, or misaligned teeth felt, then this can make dentures hard to get used to.

In your attempt to eat without too much difficulty, you may decide to chew on one side of your mouth. This is a problem though. This places uneven pressure on the dentures and can contribute to the formation of sores on the gums. Also, chewing on one side of the mouth can force the dentures away from the gums on the other side. When the dentures are elevated, food particles can work their way underneath and cause irritation. Sores, infections, and even fungal growth can be in issue in this case.

Try to use your entire mouth to chew and move your food from side to side naturally with your tongue. Eat slowly at first until your get used to the way it feels.

Use Denture Creams

When you are first fitted with dentures, the acrylic base will be quite wide. This allows you to use your false teeth comfortably while your gums are still healing. Over time, the gums swelling will reduce and the tissues will shrink. The bone ridge that makes up your haw will start to shrink as well. The base of your dentures will be too big when this happens and your dentures will move from side to side.

Your dentist will work with you and set up several appointments to make sure the acrylic base is adjusted as your mouth changes. However, a new base cannot be constructed every time that your gums and jaw shift. To help keep your dentures secured in between appointments or once your final set of dentures are made, use denture adhesive.

Do not use a lot of the adhesive, or this will elevate the dentures a bit over your gums. You should instead place small dots of the material along the middle of the acrylic base.